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Green Meat Products starts with the introduction of Green Doner Kebab rolls. Our products have the following characteristics:


Our meat-free Doner is made with authentic herbs and spices. If it is prepared on a kebab grill you get that delicious roasted flavour. Our special soy raw material ensures that the structure of meat is recognizable in taste. Our product tastes just like the meat varieties.


Our product contains sufficient (vegetable) proteins. It has a low fat content and is rich in fibre. It is gluten-free and contains no animal ingredients, so it is 100% Vegan.

More sustainable

During the production of this meat-free product, lacking manure, so less greenhouse gas emissions. There is less water, land and energy used in the production of this product.

Green Döner Kebab - if you want to eat Doner, but no meat.


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