Green Doner Kebab skewers



This new product, under the name Green Döner Kebab, is 100% plant based on soy. It is prepared like a chicken or veal doner on a vertical grill. The basis for this vegetarian doner is our plant meat. This product has the characteristic of high in protein and low in fat. It is gluten free and comes from soy plants that are GMO free in Europe.
If kebab shops opts for this product, they can offer a vegetarian alternative to their customers. Turkish pizzas, salons and sandwiches can be filled with these with Green Doner Kebab. Because this Döner is grilled and seasoned with traditional Doner Kebab spices and herbs it tastes like the original meat product.

Our assortment:

GDK0001 - Green Doner Kebab 5kg

GDK0002 - Green Doner Kebab 10kg

GDK0003 - Green Doner Kebab 15 kg

GDK0004 - Green Doner Kebab 20 kg




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